POS software for cafe

SmartTouch POS software for cafe is designed to bring in the most advanced automation to café and coffee shop chains. With a robust architecture and a host of features, SmartTouch POS software for cafe is capable of streamlining the entire operation chain of coffee shops. As a mobile application hosted on the cloud, it brings in mobility, accessibility and security as its prime advantage to subscribers.

The architecture of SmartTouch POS software for cafe comprises of two major aspects. The front end if a mobile application available on iOS and Android platforms, making SmartTouch POS software for cafe is a truly cross platform and cross device application. The back end is a cloud hosted admin panel which makes SmartTouch POS software for cafe instantly accessible to subscribers. Also this brings in a lot of security features which are at par with industry standard security guidelines for enterprise applications.

As a true enterprise automation software, SmartTouch POS software for cafe is not just a mere POS software which can handle the store front sales operation. It’s loaded with features like inventory management, customer management, business analytics and financial reporting to ensure that it checks all the right boxes in terms of usability. SmartTouch POS software for cafe is a great automation tool across the length and breadth of retail chains like coffee shops. New subscribers can always get a 14 Day free trial to make sure that the app fits in their scheme of IT automation requirement.http://smarttouchpos.eu/pos-software-for-cafe/

cloud based POS solution

SmartTouch POS is a cloud based POS solution which is fine-tuned to cater to restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, street food and kiosks. Built on modern standards SmartTouch POS is a great application to automate sales process and manage point of sales counters more efficiently. Being a cloud based POS solution, SmartTouch POS is accessible across the length and breadth of your organization and makes scaling up a very easy process.

Built on a multi-tier architecture,http://smarttouchpos.eu/en/ SmartTouch Cloud based POS solution comes with a front end which is built on cutting edge technology to seamlessly fit into today’s advanced mobile landscape. The front end is compatible with both iOS and Android platform which makes it a cross-devise compatible application. The backend of this cloud based POS solution is an administration panel hosted on the cloud. This makes it accessible to anywhere and everywhere into every device registered & authorized to run the app.

More than being just a Cloud based POS solution, SmartTouch POS is equipped with several advanced features which brings in capabilities like CRM, Inventory management, financial reporting and analytics at your fingertips. SmarTouch cloud based POS solution does in effect automate your entire business process right from procurement and all the way to sales. It’s thus a comprehensive POS application which can bring in true end-to-end automation capabilities to your retails outlet.

tablet pos software

SmartTouch POS is a mobile POS software which essentially makes it a versatile tablet POS software by virtue of the host of features and functionalities that it has to offer. As a tablet POS software it offers the flexibility that it can be deployed on to any portable mobile device be it your tablet or smart phone. Hosted in the cloud SmartTouch POS is designed on the idea mobility and easy accessibility at its very core.

Available on major mobile operating systems iOS and Android, SmartTouch tablet POS software is truly a cross device compatible app which makes it easy for business owners to deploy the application with minimum infrastructural costs. Also, as an enterprise grade automation software, data security is one of the prime aspect of SmartTouch tablet POS software. Being cloud-based the back-end layer of SmartTouch POS is hosted in a centralized server which is protected by http://smarttouchpos.eu/functionality/tablet-pos-software/ industry grade security features to minimize data vulnerability.

The other salient aspect of SmartTouch tablet POS software is its industry focused design. SmartTouch POS is curated for retails establishments like cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and eateries. Moreover the tablet POS software is capable of handling not just sales but other important business operation like procurement, vendor and inventory management, financial reporting, business analytics and other such areas where automation is a key. Businesses can download SmartTouch tablet POS software and enjoy a 14 day free trial for detailed understanding of the application.

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